More streaming hours during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has an impact on all of us. Everybody needs to stay at home as much as possible. This is the main reason why we watch streaming services more than ever before. There are a few reasons why we choose to watch streaming services instead of normal TV and why we choose to watch more streaming services. I will explain the reasons in this article.


With the arrival of streaming services many people will watch an entire season or multiple movies in one go. Some people even wait while watching the Tv-show they want to watch, because episodes will be uploaded weekly. We watch way more series or movies because of the coronavirus pandemic. People are restricted to avoid social contact and need to stay at home. This is the main reason why more people binge watch on streaming services so they can entertain themselves during these circumstances. 


Another reason why we watch more hours on streaming services is because the cinemas are closed or less visitors are allowed during movies. In this way people prefer to watch movies on streaming services than in an empty cinema. Besides that, all the new movies that would be released are postponed. People choose to invest their money in a new television in order to watch those streaming services.  Replay TV is one of those Tv’s where  you can watch every streaming service you like.

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