The Watch That Says Now

watch that says now

Whilst the only message most watches give you is how there is never enough time to fit everything into your day, the watch that says now, created by ‘The Watch Now’, is a new, unique product. Made by two business partners, ‘The Watch Now’ does not have a clock face, but instead the word ‘Now’, to encourage people wearing it not to focus on how little time there is in the future, and instead live in the now.

Whilst this watch is highly rated by some, lots of reviewers say that the product is overpriced, because it doesn’t even tell the time. They say that they like the brand idea, but overall, the product is not practical enough.

watch that says now

The Best Product

The watch that says now offers an array of different products, split into three different collections:

  • Exclusive Collection
  • Fine Collection
  • Bold Collection

Whilst the ‘Fine Collection Classic Black’ seems to be a popular choice, with the sleek, simple design and striking colour scheme, reviewers said that without the clockface, the watch was too boring and expensive. Instead, the ‘Exclusive Collection Gold Mesh’ has been named most popular, and highest reviewed. Although it is 10 euros more expensive than the Classic Black, customers thought that the design seemed more like a bracelet than a watch, which is what made the purchase worthwhile.