The way the bookies earn their money is special

online bookmakers

Do bookies always win

Simply put, the business model of all online bookmakers is based on idea that a certain percentage of the customers’ commitment is retained. The odds of winning are set up by the betting providers in a way that a residual amount always remains with the bookmaker after the distribution of the profit.

In theory, bookies still make good money with every bet offered, but traditionally the situation is not always that simple. Because the bets placed by the bettors are not always distributed exactly predictably over the available bets, the calculations of the bookie are often confused.

In exteme cases the bookie can lose

In extreme cases, this imbalance can result in an offered bet covering only the costs or even leading to a real loss for the bookie. Theoretically, the odds are designed by the bookies to ensure that they make a profit. However, this is only possible if the bets are ideally distributed among the various bets.

If the bets are distributed unevenly and the results are therefore “bad” for the provider, the bookmaker may incur a large loss.

online bookmakers

On the internet, bets are calculated very tightly

Online bookmakers, in particular, are aware of extraordinarily tightly calculated profits because the competition between bookies on the Internet is particularly ruthless, and the opportunities here are often somewhat greater. How generous a bookmaker proves to his customers can be understood by them without much effort.

Most online bookmakers with a low profit margin, which is noticeable from an exceptionally high level of opportunities!

Tests show that the most recommended platforms on average return 95% of their revenues to the successful gamblers, and at the major top sports events (World Cup, European Football Championship, Bundesliga, Champions League) the refunds are often even more generous.