Used marine gearboxes

If you are looking for used marine gearboxes, here are three machines that are worth your time and money.

TheZF BW190

The first gearbox in this list is a ZF BW190. It a ZF brand and falls under the BW model with a reference number 11775. Its serial number is 3183 with a 2571: 1 ratio and a horsepower of 624 HP. Further, it has a 14inch flexible coupling that is shipped loose. As if that is not enough, these used marine gearboxes come with brackets and an oil cooler. In terms of dimension, this gearbox is a 70*90*80(L*W*H) and weighs at around 440 kg. Sadly, the ZF BW190 is mechanical and lacks a SAE housing as well as a PTO.

The ZF BW462

The ZF BW462 is one of a hell beast. It’s more or less under the same category and brand of the ZF BW190. However, this marine gearbox is bigger, better and has more specs, than the ZF BW190. For starts, it registers a horsepower of 1473 HP, almost twice the size of a ZF BW190. As if that is not enough, it registers a ratio of 5037:1 and an RMP of 1800. To spice things up, this gearbox comes with brackets among other features. The ZF BW462 has mechanical controls and weighs at around 1450 KGs.


The last gearbox in this list is a 1993 gearbox with top-notch specs-the REINTJES WGF 760. The WGF 760 is a REINTJES brand with an exceptional ratio of 3286:1 and has a horsepower of 1795. It has an RMP of 1000. As if that is not enough, this gearbox has brackets a PTO and runs on an electric control. The WGF 760 is a gigantic gearbox with the dimensions 200*140*170 and weighs at around 2660kgs. Sadly this REINTJES design lack an oil cooler and SAE housing.