What are the types of darts?

Playing darts has become a favourite pastime of people for a long time. It offers many benefits like better hand-eye coordination, improved strategic thinking, stress relief and confidence boost. If you are considering purchasing darts for playing at home, then there are two types of darts you can choose from, such as steel tip darts and soft tip darts.

Steel tip darts

Steel tip darts have been used to play the game since the early days of darts. It was originally a military pastime that used metal spearheads or arrowheads; thus, the steel tip darts were introduced. Playing with this type of darts is the traditional way of playing this game, but there is more than tradition. Steel tip darts offer many benefits, such as:

  • Steel tip darts are heavier, so they are a better option for more accurate throws because it is easier to throw a heavy object in the right direction.
  • Steel is an alloy of carbon and iron, which enhances the darts with increased strengths. These tips hardly snap or bend unless someone throws them at hard surfaces on purpose.
  • Due to this strength, these darts are more durable and last for a long time.
  • Lastly, as mentioned earlier, steel tip darts offer you the original sense of dart playing. People that seek tradition always choose this old-school darts.

Soft tip darts

Compared to hard tip or steel tip darts, soft tip darts are the newcomers in the field of darts, but they have gained popularity fast in the community because of the benefits they offer.

  • As the name suggests, soft tip darts are made by moulded soft plastic which is the best option where safety is concerned.
  • Unless the dart is hit directly in the eye, soft tip darts have very low possibilities of causing any harm.
  • If you are playing at home with children and pets around, you can have peace of mind if the game is played with soft tip darts because there are minimal risks of injury.

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